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Rocawear: Rapper Jay Z and Hollywood producer Damon Dash founded the brand in 1999 in New York, USA, to conquer the fashion world as well as the music world. The name Rocawear was derived from their hip-hop label Roc-A-Fella Records. With the foundation, they wanted nothing less than to establish the most famous brand in the hip hop area. This plan seems to have worked out in the meantime: today, Rocawear is almost indispensable on the streets of New York, Berlin, London or Tokyo. The label captivates with casual styles, cheeky prints and high-quality materials. The brand has long since changed from a pure hip hop label to a streetwear and street couture brand without denying its origins. The T-shirts, denim jeans, shorts and jackets are inspired by the music and lifestyle of the East Coast. Meanwhile Rocawear is more and more worn by women. The number of shirts and jackets with female cuts is getting bigger and bigger.

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Rocawear - Mens CARGO FIT Cargo Pants OLIVE W30
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