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Cavallo de Ferro

Cavallo de Ferro

CAVALLO DE FERRO: The singer Daisy Dee Rollocks as well as the soccer player Felipe Santana and Douglas Franco Teixeira have the sports couture brand Cavallo de Ferro brought to life. Under the slogan "Born in Brazil and raised the world" stands the label for visions, authenticity, fashion and the conviction to choose and create their own path. An affordable luxury for everyone, who loves sports couture. Proud should the casual items be worn and as a statement serve: You can do it, no matter where you come from or who you are. Main thing you feel good in your own skin! Much of their own story have the label founders Felipe Santana, Douglas Franco Teixeira and Daisy Dee Rollocks in their shirts, trousers, sweaters, leather jackets and accessories collection slip in. This clothing brand speaks for itself. Cavallo is the definition of freedom, loyalty and love. The ultimate lifestyle brand!

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Cavallo De Ferro - Men's JARED Skinny Fit Jeans

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