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Miracle of Denim (M.O.D.)

MIRACEL OF DENIM (M.O.D.): Miracle of Denim is a successful new for energy vibrant jeans and sportswear brand middle of Germany, Frankfurt am Main. Founded the label have the denim enthusiast Akin Erdogan and Elias Rumelis. The manager and the designer wanted a label for women and for men, their ideas of the modern, relaxed fashion reflects. Miracel of Denim is the first wonder of the denim world. Trendy, high-quality, cool, and sophisticated.Miracel of Denim collection is heavenly to browse through. The jeans are perfect for those club-goers who want the lime light., andblets be honest, with such a large range of totally different styles and forms, how can you decide which M.O.D. jeans to wear? Thank Miracel of Denim there are seven long days and nights in a week.