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H.I.S Jeans

Denim fashion that never goes out of style! H∙I∙S Jeans jeans brands are among the oldest in the world. The company was founded in 1923 by Henry I. Siegel as "Honesdale Manufacturing Co." founded in New York. H∙I∙S jeans have developed from the rugged work clothing as an international denim fashion brand. In the 1970s established Jesse Siegel, the son of the founder, the brand in Europe and the fashion world by surprise with its legendary fit. As a tribute to his father, he founded in 1956 the brand H·I·S, the logo consists of the initials of Henry I. Siegel. Early and mid-1970s, H·I·S jeans came onto the European market. Siegel it surprised the denim industry by the fact that he was the first Jean manufacturer offered each model in different leg lengths and widths. The fit concept of H·I·S made ​​in the 1980s to become the third largest women's jeans manufacturer in America. Since then provied H·I·S for both WOMEN and MEN in the collection jeans and tops made sustainably produced cotton. An essential part of the collection focus, is the fit, is also of high importance to fashionable denim washes. The Look: Cool jeans with the perfect fit in many washes and colors. To date, the fit of H·I·S jeans is unique.